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Vinashin Ocean Shipping Co.


Vietnamese Title: Công ty TNHH một thành viên vận tải viễn dương Vinashin

English Title: Vinashin Ocean Shipping Co.

Address: 172 Ngoc Khanh str. - Ba Dinh dist. - Hanoi

Province: Ha Noi

Director: Trần Văn Liêm

Tel: +84(4)

Fax: +84(4)

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About us:

Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Group (“Vinashin”) is one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Vietnam and offers shipbuilding, ship repair, shipping, heavy industries and other services to enterprises within Vietnam as well as internationally.

Vinashin was established as the Vietnam Shipbuilding Union which was set up in 1972 to consolidate the country’s shipbuilding industry.

Vinashin is the largest shipbuilder in Vietnam by capacity, accounting for approximately 70%-80% of total domestic capacity. The current total newbuilding capacity is 470,390 DWT, up by 172% from 2006 capacity of 172,800 DWT.

Vinashin is a holding company with over 160 subsidiaries including 39 shipyards (30 operating shipyards and 9 shipyards under construction) Vinashin’s success in the last five years has seen Vietnam climb up the rankings to become the 5th largest shipbuilding nation globally.

As the leading state-owned shipbuilding enterprise in Vietnam, Vinashin benefits from strong government support to lead the country’s ambition to establish itself as a leading shipbuilding nation.